But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done. 
(John 11v46 NIV)

There was no question what they saw. 
Yet why did they go to the Pharisees? 
What was their motive? 

To stir up trouble? 
What are your motives like?

Jesus knows your heart. 
Demonstrating His love melts hearts. 
Not everyone who says, Jesus, Jesus is necessarily in love with Him. 

The power demonstration at the tomb set in motion a series of events. 
Signs, wonders and miracles do not guarantee the expected reaction. 
Respond with a pure heart. 

Believing in Him is just the start. 
Having a heart full of His love is the aim.
The process is simply letting that happen.

Fall in love with Him and you will never go wrong. 
Ask Him to check your heart. 
Attitude and motives can be well disguised.